Miscellaneous operations

Other Tecno-ingranaggi departments

The entire process is controlled by an IT system that gathers production data.

Other machinery at the company:

Broaching machines

N°1 Varinelli 25 Tonnes x 1600
N°1 Varinelli 10 Tonnes x 1320
N°1 VRV 20 Tonnes x 1600
N.1 VRV 25 Ton x 1800

Gear tooth pointing machinery

N°1 Cross tooth rounding machines
N°1 Hurth ZK-10 gear tooth chamfering machine
N°2 Robot systems for deburring, brushing and stamping

Shaving machines

N°1 Hurth ZSA 320
N°1 Hurth ZSA 220

Sharpening machines

N°1 Klingelnberg AGW 230
N°1 Mico-Collette AO15DH

Other machines

N°1 Cams 300 CN slotting machine
N°4 gear burring machine
Propen marking machine
N°1 Manual sandblasting machine
N°1 Norblast sandblasting machine
N°3 Modula vertical warehouses
N°1 Icam vertical warehouse
N°1 Forte Riboni hacksaw
N°1 Chips centrifuge


N°2 EUROFIMET parts-washing tunnels