Gear cutting

Modern gear cutting machines

Tecno-ingranaggi has the latest CNC gear hobbing and cutting machinery, covering an operating range up to a diameter of 400mm and module 14.

The machines installed in this department are:

Hobbing machines

N°1 Liebherr LC180 CN with loader
N°2 Liebherr LC 180 with loader and Chamfer cut
N°3 Liebherr LC 280α with loader and robotic deburring cells
N°1 Liebherr LC 280α with team of robots complete with deburring system
N°1 Liebherr LC 380 CN with loader
N°1 Liebherr LC 500 CN with loader
N°1 Pfauter PA 320 CN
N°1 Pfauter PA 300, electromechanical
N°1 Pfauter P 900, electromechanical
N°2 Pfauter P 630, electromechanical
N°4 Pfauter P 400, electromechanical
N°1 Pfauter P 160, electromechanical

Cutting machines

N°1 Liebherr LFS 380 CN with loader
N°3 Lorenz LS 400
N°1 Lorenz LS 200±10°
N°2 Lorenz S8-630
N°4 Lorenz SNJ-5
N°1 Lorenz SJ-1000
N°3 Sykes CN

Cutting machines

Liebherr LFS 380 CN with loader
N° 3 Lorenz LS 400
Lorenz LS 200±10°
N° 2 Lorenz S8-630
N° 4 Lorenz SNJ-5
Lorenz SJ-1000
N° 3 Sykes CN